Pet Safety Tips

Some Common Household Toxins To Be Aware Of

This is a list of some items in your household that are toxic to pets. Please make sure these things are kept away from your pet at all times:
1. Antifreeze (ethylene glycol)
2. Snail and Slug Bait
3. Chocolate
4. Raisins/Grapes
5. Macadamia Nuts
6. Rat/Mouse Poison
7. Acetaminophen (Tylenol
8. Plants: There are many potentially toxic plants to pets. Some cause only mild gastrointestinal upset, whereas others can cause severe organ damage. Some common plants which may be toxic to pets include: Easter Lilly, Tiger Lilly, Rhododendron, Dumbcane, Diffenbackia, Mistletoe, Oleander, Castor Beans, Sago Palm, Rhubarb, Iris, Larkspur
9. Marijuana
10. Onions and Garlic
11. Human Prescription Drugs

Yard and Garden Dangers – How to Keep Your Pet Safe

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Dogs Left in Hot Cars – Avoid Heatstroke or Death

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Cold Weather Pet Care

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