Surgery Authorization

  • Edmonton West Animal Hospital performs multiple anesthetic procedures each day. While we strive to get your pet home to you as soon as we can, extenuating unforeseen circumstances such as emergencies, urgent walk ins, and surgical complications or delays on other procedures can delay the completion of your pet's procedure. If your pet is scheduled for a day procedure, it will be completed that day, however, we cannot guarantee what time your pet will be ready. Please plan to leave your pet with us for most of the day, and you will be contacted when your pet is ready for pick up.

    I, the undersigned, owner or responsible party of the admitted patient, hereby authorize the veterinarians of the Edmonton West Animal Hospital & Spay/Neuter Centre (and whomever they may designate as assistants) to administer such treatments as necessary, and to perform surgical procedures and additional procedures as are therapeutically and/or diagnostically necessary as indicated by findings during medical evaluation. Since general anaesthesia or sedation is required in these surgical procedures, I understand and accept that there are always inherent surgical and/or anesthetic complication risks, including death of the patient.

    The following options can help to reduce the risk associated with anaesthesia and maximize patient safety. We highly recommend these measures for every patient having a surgical procedure.

    Pre-anaesthetic blood screen: the risk of anaesthesia complication is higher in animals with health problems. We recommend pre- anaesthetic blood screen for every patient having a surgical procedure. This checks for subclinical disease (hidden problems) not apparent on physical examination. On the basis of this blood work we can tailor your pet's anesthetic, pain management and recovery protocols to her/his individual needs. The fee for pre anaesthetic blood screen is $100.00.

  • Intravenous fluids (Drip): Intravenous (IV) fluids are very important for all procedures that require general anaesthesia. Administration of IV fluids helps your pet recover more quickly from anaesthesia, maintains blood pressure, and increases circulation during anaesthesia. It also allows rapid administration of drugs should an emergency arise and can save vital time in the rare event of an anaesthetic complication. To place an IV catheter and fluids it is necessary to clip or shave hair from the site (forearm or back legs). The fee for placing an intravenous catheter with fluids is $60.00.

    Intravenous catheter: If you declined IV fluids, we STRONGLY recommend placement of an intravenous catheter. The intravenous catheter allows rapid administration of drugs should an emergency arise and can save vital time in the rare event of an anaesthetic complication.The fee for placing only an intravenous catheter without fluids is $30.00.

  • If you wish to take your pet to a board certified veterinary surgeon, there is only one clinic in Edmonton, Guardian Veterinary Centre, where they work on a referral basis. Select "I would like to be referred" below and inform a staff member if you wish to be referred.

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