TPLO for Cruciate Repair – Your Questions Answered

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What does TPLO surgery cost at Edmonton West Animal Hospital? What is the success rate of TPLO cruciate repair?

Our orthopedic surgeon, who has a special interest in cruciate repair, will fully examine your dog during the surgical consultation. Then he will review your pet’s history and explain the different options for dog knee surgery. You will be advised on both pros and cons of each surgical method used, and also the success rate of these procedures. You will receive detailed cost estimates for every option so that you can make your best decision. Our pricing is very competitive to keep your out of pocket expenses as low as possible. Our helpful staff is available today to book your cruciate repair consultation with Dr. Gosal. We can be reached via phone or text at (780) 488-0124.

What is involved in post-operative care? What is the recovery process like after TPLO surgery?

Your dog will require overnight hospitalization in our comfortable facility. We will provide your pet the appropriate paid meds and IV fluids to allow him/her to get the best rest possible the first night. The day following TPLO surgery, most patients are ready to go home. The doctor will prescribe the necessary oral pain medication, antibiotics, and occasionally some sedatives. When home, your dog will need to be kept strictly confined for several days; TPLO recovery takes some time and patience. The following weeks & months, physiotherapy and exercises should be performed, which will contribute to a successful recovery and restoration of your pet’s mobility and function. Two of the most important parts of a successful recovery are plenty of REST and consistent physiotherapy. If you would like more information on TPLO rehabilitation, click here to check out our detailed guide.

What will my dog’s pain level be after TPLO surgery?

Our goal with every TPLO surgery here at Edmonton West Animal Hospital, is to ensure that our patients have their pain well controlled before, during, and after the surgery. We will provide your pet a sedative prior to anesthesia, and when the patient is put under, in most cases they will receive an epidural lasting 6-8 hours. IV fluids that contain additional pain medication are administered constantly during and after the surgery. This is an important step in keeping your pet comfortable. We will send you home with medication that contributes to a calm and quiet recovery. We encourage our clients to continue all prescriptions as indicated, even if your dog seems okay and you think s/he doesn’t need them.

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