August 17, 2018 8lxm7

Oh Man That Was Ouchie!

Greetings humans! I saw my doggy friends Simon and Clover have been barking up the right tree about their wonderful care at Edmonton West Animal Hospital, so I wanted to share my tale as well. So, here I go- My name is Frankie, and I’m a 10 year old long haired tabby, descended from a long line of royal kitties in Alberta. Everyone knows dogs have owners, and cats have support staff, and recently my head caretaker informed me it was time for my annual visit to my kitty physician at Edmonton West Animal Hospital. When I arrived, I was happy to see that they had been notified of my upcoming trip, and the red carpet was laid out accordingly. As requested, the receptionist, wearing her nicest scrubs for the occasion, ushered me into my favourite exam room, the special one they have just for kitties. Although I am forced to cohabitate with a dog at home, I’d rather do that behind closed doors, away from the scrutinizing eyes of my peers. When in public, I have a reputation to uphold of never mingling with lower class species such as dogs. Besides, there’s lots of happy kitty pheromones in that room, and the staff do their best to ensure I am always surrounded by comfort.

My caretaker informed me that morning that one of the veterinarians would be checking my teeth that day, and that I should attempt to be as good-natured and tolerant as possible. This is a tall request for a kitty such as myself but I obliged to the best of my ability. I assume that word of my skills as a hunter had gotten out, and the vet was looking to gather evidence to explain this phenomenon of speed and precision. I was quite dismayed to hear that my weapons of skin destruction were perhaps not quite as immaculate as I thought, and that I would require some maintenance work to get them back up to peak performance. I worried I would be out of commission for some time before I could get this work done, but my head caretaker appeared pleased, as she was able to schedule my dental procedure for later that week. They determined that due to the degree of dental disease present in my mouth, I may be in some degree of discomfort. Although I would never admit to this claim, just between you and me, I was. And I was secretly glad that my vet had been able to determine this, even though I had tried to hide it from my mommy, uh, I mean, my caretaker. My vet friend sent my caretaker home with some medication to keep me comfortable in the meantime until my dental procedure. It didn’t taste the best, but it sure did the trick! Since I am now of distinguished age, my veterinarian also recommended bloodwork, which I again tolerated with immense dignity. Royal kitties such as myself deserve royal treatment, and although my caretaker would have paid any price to get me back up and running, she was happy to note that the cost of my upgrade was going to be much lower than anywhere else. Sometimes things are too good to be true, but not in this case. I demand top quality at a reasonable price, and this is why I insist my caretaker bring me to Edmonton West Animal Hospital. We departed from the clinic with the promise that my vet would be in touch with the bloodwork results, which I anticipated to be stellar. And they were – my vet called promptly with the good news.

The day of the procedure was a bit of a blur and did not begin in a manner that is suitable for royalty. I have read Simon’s and Clover’s blog, and saw that they got the same treatment the night before their procedures; it appears as though it is not just cats that are subjected to cruel and unusual punishment. I remember very clearly at midnight my caretaker removed my food dish and all food items from my surroundings. My life flashed before my eyes; I figured I would surely starve. This picturesque round figure is not easy maintain, and I work hard at achieving the perfect dinner to nap ratio every day. I tried to fire her, but she paid me no heed. Instead, she packed me up in my carriage, and drove me back to my friends at Edmonton West. At least the staff there were prepared for the occasion; the technician had arranged a suitable kennel complete with the comforts of home – a soft bed, my own private toilet, and a shiny dish of water awaited me. When my turn came, the technician gave me a shot of some wonderful stuff that calmed me right down. I stopped trying to explain that I was a prisoner being held against my will, and instead, drifted off into a warm land filled with gold dishes of chunks and gravy, and more catnip toys than you could shake a paw at. When I came to, my face felt numb, and I had a funny bubble gum taste in my mouth, but I was too sleepy and cozy to try and figure it out. For the rest of the afternoon, I lounged in my penthouse suite and watched the other patients in their care. I saw another sophisticated feline undergoing some sort of strange procedure, and wondered if that’s what happened to me. They were using some noisy machine in her mouth that sprayed water and had the same bubble gum smell. Occasionally the person would use some metal tools in her mouth, and then spray some more water. I’m sure glad I was asleep like she was when they did that to me! I come from a long line of fearless creatures, but every kitty has a limit, even this one!

When my mom, oops, I mean caretaker came to pick me up she first spent some time in the exam room with my vet friend. Luckily I have really good hearing and I was able to eavesdrop on their conversation. He seemed to be showing her some pictures of my teeth and talking about something called FORLs. I think this may be some sort of code or acronym for a top secret mission, but he said it stands for Feline Odontoclastic Resorptive Lesions. In any case, it appears as though these elusive menaces were responsible for the malfunction of my WMDs. I will be forever grateful to my friends at Edmonton West for realizing this deficiency and correcting it! I will be back to peak hunting performance in no time!

I wish to share this experience with my followers, as I believe that every kitty (and admittedly, every dog) should have their defence mechanisms in top working condition. From what I’ve heard, dental disease is an enemy that needs to be eliminated. It can affect other parts of your well-oiled machine such as your liver, kidneys, and even your heart! How are you going to catch mice if your heart isn’t up to snuff? That’s like taking a Maserati out on the Autobahn with a faulty engine! If your caretakers are looking for a place to go for top quality, experienced dental treatment, look no further than Edmonton West Animal Hospital. This kitty accepts nothing but the best; if it’s approved by me, it’s good enough for anyone!